Scrunchie Gift Set. Large Silk Scrunchies

100% Mulberry – 6A Grade – 22 Momme Silk Scrunchies - The ultimate hair accessory

- Prevents split ends
- Locks in moisture for smoother hair
- Protects hair from tangles and knots 

- Provides luxury styling  

Gift set contains 6 large scrunchies:

2 x Papaya Whip silk scrunchie

2 x Honey silk scrunchie

2 x Rosehip silk scrunchie

Luxury Gift Box included. 

£54.00 £32.00

Peep Silk Scrunchies are carefully designed and manufactured, to ensure the highest quality silk scrunchie for your hair. Swap to silk for a luxurious accessory for your hair, with 4 colours to choose from to match your style.


  • 100% Mulberry Silk
  • 6A Grade
  • 22 Momme


  • Reduces damage to your hair
  • Prevents frizz and split ends
  • Reduces over-washing
  • Promotes hair growth and volume
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Cooling and soothing comfort

Washing and care

All our Peep silk Scrunchies are machine washable at 30 degrees, meaning you can easily put them in with your regular wash. Simply throw into the wash to keep the softness and maintain quality.

About Peep

We offer luxury and quality that stands the test of time - and this is why we created pure, luxury silk bedding that came complete with the full package. Using the best silk from UK company Adamley and Biddles Sawyer, our pillowcases not only use quality materials, but they are also created with the latest fashion trends at the forefront of their design. All of our pieces are derived from 100% silk (so, no nasty chemicals in any of your Peeps) and can be traced back to the exact mulberry tree.

    Scrunchie Gift Set. Large Silk Scrunchies