Perfect Partners for the Best Sleep Routine

Perfect Partners for the Best Sleep Routine

Thelma & Louise, chocolate & orange or Michelangelo and paint. It’s incredible what can be created with the perfect double-act.

With weddings very much upon us this season and love, partnerships, recipes for successful duos in the air, it got us thinking here at Peep. What makes the ideal spouse for our incredibly luxurious pillowcases when it comes to creating the perfect gift set.

Checkout a few of our favourite complementary gifts that you could add with one of our silk products, either as a treat for yourself or to spoil a loved one on their special day!

 We all need a perfect partner in our lives! Improve your night-time routine and look at our top recommended partnering products that best complement you and our silk products to aid a better night’s peep.

 Essential Oils

Looking after your wellbeing is becoming more and more important. 1000-year-old essential oil methods have been used to improve sleep wellbeing. So, match your pure silk pillowcase with scented pillow spray, diffuser, or a nice candle. Using scents such as lavender will allow your body and mind to relax to ease you after a busy day and improve the quality of your sleep.

Skin care

Invest in your skin. Dependent on your age and lifestyle, your skin needs different things. We recommend using natural products with calming ingredients to help your skin relax after a hard day’s work, making sure to apply moisture & serums onto clean dry skin. If you have time, you can always enjoy a nice moisturising sheet mask. 


Just like your skin a bad hair day can affect your mood and appearance. So, get to know it! Figure out what it needs. Is it a wrap? Serum? Whatever it is, make it part of your night-time routine and experience fewer bad hair days.

Take a Break

We are all victims of the screen, whether it’s binge-watching, scrolling, or just playing a simple game. However, screen time stimulates your brain to stay awake, which can make your ‘Switch off’ time much longer. We recommend winding down from the outside world 30 minutes before you would like to be asleep by getting lost in your favourite book – or simply chatting to your other half. See below for some recommendations for all age groups.


Partner up with peep! Purchase your very own 22 momme, 100% mulberry Silk Pillowcase that will allow you the best night’s peep. With plentiful health benefits and natural qualities such as cooling and hydrating your skin, a peep pillowcase is a must have in your night – time routine. And if you’re feeling generous, why not treat yourself to our gorgeous eye mask or scrunchies to complete your hair and skincare routines.


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