6 Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

6 Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a luxury we all dream of, and embracing a full 8 hours can do wonders for your wellbeing, confidence and productivity. But at Peep we don’t just catch zzz’s, beauty sleep is a way of life. Making a few, simple changes to your nighttime habits can show you how to embrace a heavenly night’s sleep and seriously improve your health.

Here are some things that you can do to develop better sleep habits:

1. Switch off all devices

Easier said than done? We all know the temptation of a late night scroll through Instagram (ehum, @peepsilk), but the research behind blue light rays and the effect on your mental and sleep wellbeing can be harmful. It can also trick our mind and body into thinking it’s daytime, which we need to keep to a strict routine. Try reducing screen time in the evenings and even charging your phone overnight elsewhere - the kitchen, the bathroom, so you’re not tempted to take a peek when you should be getting some Peep.

2. Create a healthy routine

Perform cleansing and soothing rituals such as a drinking a warm chamomile tea, taking a hot bath and most importantly: applying a skincare routine. There’s no better feeling than wiping away your makeup from the day (am I right?), combine with a simple cleanse-tone-hydrate formula to draw out any impurities before bedtime. And to make sure all that hydration stays where it belongs, swap to a silk pillowcase which reduces soaking up your skins moisture and *expensive* products you’ve just invested in.

3. Say no to naps

Avoid napping during the day, as this can keep you from sleeping a full 8 hours. At tempting as it may be, your body will become out of sync with it’s usual course of sleep. If you are in a sleep deficit from the night before, then try to limit naps to 30 minutes.

4. Wake up to sunlight

The body will get into the habit of expecting to fall asleep at a certain hour by setting a time to go to bed every night and waking up to fresh daylight. Try leaving your curtains or blinds open so in the morning sunlight your body will recognise the cycle it has set for you, this consistency will improve the quality of your rest.

5. Upgrade your bedding

Invest in a comfortable bed, pillow, blanket, and sheets that are soothing and make you feel relaxed. The cooling and soothing comfort of Peep silk pillowcases means getting the best sleep possible by naturally helping to regulate body temperature. Cotton is prone to absorb moisture, while silk wicks it away keeping us cool and dry night after night.

6. Get plenty of exercise

There’s no better feeling than crawling into bed after a long day, but our bodies need to be stretched and tired from producing endorphins to rest. If you’re suffering from insomnia, a simple tip is to get outside as much as possible. That could mean on your midday or mid-afternoon break or lunch.

What’s even better than a full 8 hour snooze? Sleeping in luxury. Each Peep silk pillowcase is creating using 22 momme mulberry silk, in 7 delectable shades you can only dream of. Don't wait, enjoy the secret to the best night's sleep and upgrade your bedlinen.


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